Main Requirements to Write a Good AS Level Coursework

Combine Theory and Practice in AS Level Coursework

The 1st year of sixth form or grade 11 is the time when students work on studies for AS to pass it to get into A level classes. Student will have to take AS level coursework on their exams. Its really important for student to pass the AS level to move onto the next stage of study. The process of this coursework is complicated and requires a lot of time and efforts to complete it. So as you see writing AS level coursework demands deep knowledge of the essay topic.

First of all before writing AS level project you should think over the topic. Try to find a topic that really interests you and present it as a problem to be solved or a question to be answered. Finding sources for your paper is also of no small importance. You may find necessary information in periodicals, internet catalogues, books, journals, articles from newspapers etc. Pay attention to the essay format .

In the introduction of your paper you will have to do the following: present primary material; explain your specific purpose, give definitions of the unknown terms, describe the focus of your writing and essay ideas .

In the body of you coursework fluently proceed to discussion. You shouldt report given information but show your own point of view. If in the main body of your coursework you havet explained importance of your findings you may give summary emphasizing on the importance of your research. It will be appropriate if you suggest aspects of the given topic that require further research. Such a research advise may direct readers to continue your research or help the student to lay the foundation for the actual university coursework that may be investigated in future once the student moves on to higher level of academic studies.

There are some tips in writing AS level coursework :

1) Arrange the material: when student begins to write coursework he usually thinks that the first paragraph should be the most impressive paragraph and the rest of the essay doest have to be. But this idea is completely wrong. Step by step student should give information and the most important statements should be uncovered in the main part of the essay .

2) Combining theory and practice: very often the person who examines coursework pays attention to if you managed to combine your theoretical knowledge with practical purposes that’s why student shall provide in his or her coursework illustrations and knowledge also from nowadays. That’s why while writing the researching student shall process information from text books, journal articles, magazines, newspapers and the internet.

3) Objective appraisement: on junior stages pupils usually have the aim to find and sum up given information. Later on students must not only find necessary information but absorb it, process it, analyze it and of course give their own point of view. And this critical evaluation of information demonstrates their familiarity with the research they work at.

4) Solid reasoning: in AS level coursework where student investigates some problem he should take help of argument and argumentative language. In other words the writer should draw the conclusion with the help of prerequisites and prerequisites may themselves be based upon the factual data.